Funny facts of Hackintosh: how to identify hackintosh?

Does Apple know you are using hackintosh?

Obviously, Apple definitely knowns you are using hackintosh. The most strightforward way is to check your serial number and compare with their database.

"neo fetch"

But things aren’t that complicated. Apparently, neofetch does not use this method. Let’s check neofetch‘s source code:

if [[ $(kextstat | grep -F -e "FakeSMC" -e "VirtualSMC") != "" ]]; then
model="Hackintosh (SMBIOS: $(sysctl -n hw.model))"

Regardless of how you boot the hackintosh, customized drivers (precisely, kernel extensions), such as Lilu, WhateverGreen, and FakeSMC, are necessary. So using the command kextstat is really handy.