How to install Debian on Juno


What you need: An other USB stick, and a PC with arm-reference-platform

0: Install the latest prebuilt EDK-II UEFI

using arm-reference-platform, NOTICE to select Use prebuilt configuration and then choose EDK II UEFI

copy the directory downloaded

1: Create Debian installer



Here I use the complete installer (instead of network installer), debian-10.8.0 is the latest version of Debian.

Burn the installer to USB stick

sudo dd if=./debian-10.8.0-arm64-DVD-1.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M

sdX is the id of the USB stick, for example sdb.

Lauch to installer manually


You could use command map to find the correct installer USB stick, usually it should be FS2. Then you will see the installer with a dialog in console.

2: Install the Debian

When you are in the install welcome interface, DO NOT press enter directly!

You should press e and edit some configuration. (Note: the editor is in emacs mode)

Editor Interface

add following settings after --- quiet

nr_cpus=1 maxcpus=1 nosmp=1

and then press F10 to boot installer with your configuration.

3: After install

Since we close other cores at the beginning of installer, we need remove the settings.

edit the file /etc/default/grub and comment privious settings.

finally, you should run update-grub and reboot.

You could also run cat /proc/cpuinfo to check your cpus